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Skills Empire’s vision is to empower South Africa’s unskilled youth who need the opportunities to become economically productive and thereby access employment. Skills Empire’s programme integrates social and personal competencies with work-relevant training and real work experience to significantly increase young people’s employability.

We offer corporate clients a wide range of services such as:

  • Learnership implementation and Management services
  • Liaising with SETA’s
  • Registration Assistance
  • Assistance with Tax Rebates
  • 12 month learnership hosting-only solutions
  • YES! Youth Implementation

Our Learnership programme entail:

  • Learnership implementation from sourcing the learners to placing them in employment opportunities
  • Ensuring that the learners receive relevant and accredited training
  • Providing personal development channels for the learners in a holistic manner to ensure that learners are developed for available opportunities.
  • Learner Management Support
  • Providing access to comprehensive placement solutions designed to match learners to opportunities available in the market
  • Impact Assessment
HR Support Services

Our approach to skills development is to work on it with the people exposed to it the most. We work with your HR department to support your strategy as it pertains to skills development. We strive to be proactive; to anticipate and help you solve problems before they become major issues.

We offer assistance with some HR functions relating to:

  • Employment Equity Reports
  • Skills Audit
  • Recruitment & Placements

We provide Skills Development Facilitation (SDF) services to facilitate the development and execution of your organisation’s skills development strategy, to advice the organisation and employees on the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) and to facilitate execution of that strategy. We do this through:

  • WSP & ATR Preparation
  • WSP Submission to your SETA
  • Mandatory & Discretionary Grant Applications
  • Regularly following up with SETA to ensure that the organisation receives maximum Grants / Rebates on time as expected.
  • Training Committee Advice in relation to skills development
  • Assisting the business in establishing learning solutions to solve current business challenges

Managing the company’s bursary programme and intern programme from end-to-end, this includes budgeting, advertising, selecting, contract management, campus visits, workshops planning, and placement of the students during and after their studies.


We offer the following short courses:

  • Employment Equity Committee Training (1 day)
  • Finance for Non-Financial managers (1 day)
  • Conflict Management & Resolution (4 Hours)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Personal mastery (1 day)
  • Assertive, Self-Awareness & Influencing (4 Hours)
  • Diversity and Discrimination Awareness (1 day)

Our courses are currently not accredited, but we’re currently working adding accredited courses. 

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