Accredited Courses

Occupational Certificate: Project Manager, ID: 101869, NQF Level 5, 240 Credits

Knowledge Modules

  1. Introductory studies for Project Managers
  2. Project Integration Management
  3. Project scope management
  4. Project Time Management
  5. Project Cost Management
  6. Project Quality Management
  7. Project Human Resource Management
  8. Project Communications Management
  9. Project Risk Management
  10. Project Procurement Management
  11. Project Stakeholder Management


Practical Modules

  1. Initiate a project
  2. Plan and develop a project management approach and scope statement
  3. Plan and develop a project timeline and schedule
  4. Plan for and project the cost of a project
  5. Plan project management systems
  6. Monitor and control the scope of a project
  7. Control the project delivery schedules and costs
  8. Control the project quality
  9. Manage and control the human resources of a project
  10. Conduct and control project communication and stakeholder interaction
  11. Manage and control project risks
  12. Manage and control project procurement activities
  13. Manage and control project close-out activities

Workplace Modules

  1. Attend to project initiation and management processes.
  2. Attend to project planning processes
  3. Attend to project execution and control processes.
  4. Attend to project close out processes.



Occupational Certificate: Office Administrator, ID: 102161, NQF Level 5, 445 Credits

Knowledge Modules

  1. Effective office administration and management
  2. Business communication and customer services
  3. Office Protocol, deportment and etiquette
  4. Apply End User Computing
  5. Social media and digital literacy
  6. Introductory project management
  7. Computerised Project Management
  8. Basic Business Calculations
  9. Resource and procurement management
  10. Tender and procurement processes and procedures
  11. Document management and record keeping
  12. Staffing and people support
  13. Principles of the NQF in relation to Skills Development and Workplace Skills Plan administration
  14. Public relations, marketing and advocacy
  15. Ready for work standards


Practical Modules

  1. Communication and effective customer relationships
  2. Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of resources to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation
  3. Assist with the administration and preparation of process of tendering of contracts
  4. Manage meetings
  5. Payroll processing and pay administration
  6. Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  7. Classify, identify, register, track and dispose of records and information
  8. Assist in the administration and preparation of the Workplace Skills Plan
  9. Provide administrative support to Marketing/Public relations division
  10. Prepare, install and dismantle exhibition elements
  11. Manage a small project


Workplace Modules

  1. Perform administrative and meeting support functions to support management
  2. Handle customer and client’s queries and liaison in an office
  3. Marketing/Public relations and administrative support
  4. Assist in planning and coordinating at least two special events/conferences
  5. Procure and allocate resources
  6. Solicit tender offers in terms of a set of procedures
  7. Manage a paperless office
  8. Supervision and training of administration staff
  9. Assist in developing a Workplace Skills Plan according to employee training needs
  10. Apply ready for work standards to everyday work activities.



National Certificate : Information Technology-End User Computing (NQF Level 3) Course Structure:

Module 1. Introduction to Computers
Module 2. Microsoft Word
Module 3. Microsoft Excel
Module 4. Microsoft PowerPoint
Module 5. Microsoft Access
Module 6. Outlook and Internet
Module 7. Effective Writing
Module 8. Report writing
Module 9. Oral Communication
Module 10. Managing My Finances
Module 11. Practical Mathematics
Module 12. Statistics
Module13. Understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace
Module 14. Managing Teams


Basic Computer Literacy Skills Programme (5 Days)

Basic Understanding of Microsoft Word
Getting Started with Excel
Creating with Powerpoint
Video Conferencing & Email Communication

Non-Accredited Courses

Employment Equity Committee Training (1 day)

Finance for Non-Financial managers (1 day)

Conflict Management & Resolution (4 Hours)

Emotional Intelligence and Personal mastery (1 day)

Assertive, Self-Awareness & Influencing (4 Hours)

Diversity and Discrimination Awareness (1 day)

Skills development with love